Words of Grace – Three Reasons We Do Missions Month

Words of Grace – Three Reasons We Do Missions Month

If we are supposed to live with a mission mindset all the time, why are we emphasizing missions in November? Here are three reasons:

We need to be reminded of what’s important.
Busyness can be detrimental to priorities. The important can be sacrificed for the urgent. We need to schedule time for what’s important. That’s why we stop on the Lord’s Day for corporate worship. That’s why we begin each day with prayer and Scripture reading. A season for emphasizing missions helps keep missions a priority the rest of the year.

We need a vision of what’s coming.
During missions month, we talk about the priorities and plans for the upcoming year. Doing so gets us praying, planning and giving so we will be prepared next year.

We need to articulate our intentions.
We are more likely to do what we verbally commit to do than what we simply think about. We are saying now in November that, by God’s grace, we will pray, give, serve, send, and go in 2015. Now we are committed.

Spend some time this weekend preparing for Sunday by reading the book of Jonah and praying for the mission of Grace Community Church.

– Scott