Words of Grace – Let Us Worship

Words of Grace – Let Us Worship

We often view the worship of God as an event that we attend on Sundays. But there is a greater reality to our worship than what we do during the worship service.

We worship God because Jesus brought us to God.

God himself has sent out the word that both warns and invites. His word warns us of judgment to come for the unbelieving and invites us to be reconciled to him by believing in his Son. Through Jesus we have come to the living God, to his city, to his family, to worship him.

This great gospel reality is the basis of our worship, the reason for our worship, and shapes our attitude when we worship. The corporate worship service is a priority for those who are running the race of enduring faith in Jesus. But corporate worship glorifies God and is meaningful to us when the gospel is our motivation.

Hebrews 12:18-29 is our text for the Sunday sermon. It is about worshipping God because he has called us to himself, and we have come to him by faith in Jesus.

Think on these things as you prepare to gather with us.

– Scott