Words of Grace – Faint-Hearted or Faith-Hearted?

Words of Grace – Faint-Hearted or Faith-Hearted?

The experiences of faith-testing struggles can cause faint-heartedness or be faced with faith-heartedness. Hebrews 12 shows us the way of faith.

Jesus endured hostility from sinful people in this world. That hostility eventually led to his crucifixion. But his suffering was meaningful. He proved himself completely obedient to God the Father, and he accomplished our salvation by dying for our sins.

By faith in Jesus Christ, our struggles and sufferings are transformed from meaningless occurrences to the means of God’s work in our lives. Jesus sets us in the grace and care of God who is our Father. As our Father, God uses the struggles and sufferings of life to accomplish good, just as he did with Jesus. Faith-heartedness comes when we know our Father’s love for us and his ways in our lives.

This Sunday at Grace, we will talk about how to be faith-hearted in the struggles of faith. To prepare, read Hebrews 12:3-17, and ask the Lord begin opening your mind to understand how this passage can change you. Pray for our congregation as well.

– Scott