Words of Grace – How Will We Be Faithful?

Words of Grace – How Will We Be Faithful?


We have been asking that question all of our lives. From tying our shoes to solving a math problem to navigating the adult world of career, family, and finances, we need to know how to do it.

At Grace we have been talking about living by faith and in faithfulness to Jesus Christ from the book of Hebrews. This Sunday we will move into chapter 12 and hear very clearly how we do that. This may be the most “how to” sermon I have preached from Hebrews. The life of faith is compared to a race. Being faithful to Jesus is compared to running the race with endurance. Hebrews 12:1-3 shows us how.

First, we have to define the race. Following Jesus by faith now and all the way to heaven is the race before us.

Second, we have to lay aside the sin that keeps us from Jesus. Sin is real and it will trip us up if not dealt with. Jesus dealt with sin on the cross. We deal with sin by casting it off at the cross.

Third, we have to keep Jesus in our view at all times. He has already run his race and he shows us how to run our race.

Fourth, we have to run the race with others. When it comes to following Jesus, lone runners don’t fare well. Pack runners stay in the race for the long haul.

As you prepare for Sunday worship at Grace, read this passage and begin thinking about these points. See you Sunday.

– Scott