Words of Grace – Abraham & Sarah’s Faith

Words of Grace – Abraham & Sarah’s Faith

Abraham and Sarah are presented to us in Hebrews 11 as examples of faith. When you read the account of their lives in Genesis 12-21, they look like examples of stumbling and bumbling humans like us.

So what do their lives teach us about faith?

They do not teach us that faith knows all the details of God’s plan, for God let them live with some ambiguity for a while.

They do not teach us that faith makes the best judgment calls in the real situations of life, for they certainly had their share of difficulty because of decisions they made.

They do not teach us that faith ignores the limitations of being human, for they saw themselves as way too old to be having a baby, even though God said they would.

They do teach us that faith considers God, who made the promise, to be faithful. That kind of faith keeps us going even when we don’t know the details, make some bad decisions, and see the limitations.

God has promised a salvation that is both now and not yet. He will be faithful to his promise. We, like Abraham and Sarah, are called to live and die in faith.

Prepare for Sunday worship with me by reading Genesis 12-21 and Hebrews 11:8-16.