Words of Grace – What We Gain from the Grace of Galatians

Words of Grace – What We Gain from the Grace of Galatians

At some point in life, everyone asks these questions: How do I relate to God? Who am I, and where do I belong? How am I supposed to live?

For six months, we have listened to the message of Galatians in each Sunday’s sermon. What have we gained? We have gained the answer to these questions.

There is no greater message than forgiveness of sin and being made right with God by faith in Jesus Christ. We relate to God by grace, and our relationship with him is a gift.

There is no greater identity than being the sons of God with the Spirit of God in our hearts. We are children of God, and we belong to him. This is our identity.

There is no greater lifestyle than to walk by the Spirit and give evidence of the Spirit’s life in us. We live by the power of God to abandon our attempts at self-righteousness and to deny our desire for self-indulgence. We live a truly free life — one in which we love and serve others.

The message of the gospel, of our identity, and of the new life of the Spirit is the grace we gain from Christ.

Join us this Sunday for the final sermon from Galatians.

– Scott