Words of Grace – Authentic Christianity

Words of Grace – Authentic Christianity

Grace Community Church will soon bring our six-month sermon series from the book of Galatians to a close. Before we transition from Galatians to other portions of the Bible for our Sunday morning sermons, we want to pay close attention to the final words of this letter. In his last sentences, Paul sums up the essence of authentic Christianity.

The many voices and variations within the Christian community today can make it difficult to find the main message of the gospel. I can imagine the confusion a person trying to understand the Christian faith in our culture might have trying to do so.

The new Christian can also be confused after hearing and believing the message of the gospel and then attending a church with its practices and programs. Which ones are essential to following Jesus, and which ones are not? This is the challenge of discipleship.

Even people who have been a Christian for a long time can lose sight of the essence of the faith. The activities associated with discipleship and church life can distract us from the heart of the gospel.

What is authentic Christianity? The closing words of Galatians tell us. Authentic Christianity is the message of the death of Jesus Christ on the cross for our sins. This message was given to the apostles who transmitted it to us in the form of Scripture. Authentic Christianity includes the inward transformation of people through the new birth in Christ. Those who are forgiven of their sins and born again by the power of God are now the people of God who live under the blessings of peace and mercy.

This Sunday at Grace, we will begin the final two weeks of sermons from Galatians. Authentic Christianity will be the theme.

These two weeks will be helpful to anyone trying to understand the gospel and live by its power. I hope you will come and bring a friend.

– Scott