Words of Grace – Faith, Work, and the Glory of God

Words of Grace – Faith, Work, and the Glory of God

J.I. Packer states:

“Honest, faithful, honorable work of any sort, done as best one can and as helpfully to others as possible, glorifies God. So a believer may see his or her work as hallowed, whether that work involves handing fast food out of a window, cleaning offices late at night, bartering at the stock market, caring for children, plowing a field, balancing accounts, repairing a car, or composing a manuscript. God gives his people all kinds of skills and interests and opportunities, and he receives their praise not only in verbal form, but in the form of all kinds of work well done in his name. What turns work, which might otherwise become drudgery, into a vocation is not the nature of the work itself, but the fact that it is done for the glory of the Lord.” (1)

This past Sunday at Grace, we said that God is glorified in a city when his redeemed people gather in churches and live together in ways that reflect his character and ways.

We shouldn’t think, however, that God is only glorified when we gather at church. We spend more time working than we do engaging in corporate worship and other activities of the church. As Christians, we glorify God through our work in the world as well as our worship at church.

Beginning this Wednesday evening, July 10, Grace Community Church will gather for a five-week study and discussion of living out our faith through the work we do for the glory of God. Each week will include teaching, a panel interview, and an opportunity for those who come to ask questions related to faith and work.

I hope you will join us.


The Faith and Work Study will be held on five Wednesdays in July and August from 6:30-8:00pm in the Great Commission Room. Childcare for Infants through 5th grade will be available. Please register for childcare by emailing Kim Campbell.

(1) J.I. Packer, The J.I. Packer Classic Collection, NavPress, pg. 241