Words of Grace – Stories of Grace

Words of Grace – Stories of Grace

Here are two new stories of grace at Grace:

Incredible Privilege to Walk in Community
“Let’s go talk and pray with the elders at Grace first and then go from there.” It was my husband’s voice speaking and his words broke through my foggy mind. “It’s time to get some help — we can’t walk through this alone.” I knew he was right. After three miscarriages within a year, I was fighting hard to think clearly amidst the hormones and grief that had brought me to a dark place.

Since this conversation two years ago, God continues to teach us the importance of community. Yes, Christ is our Savior, Redeemer, and Life. Yes, He gives us all we need. Yet He created us to live in community — with Him and others. Two years ago, with my husband’s firm yet gentle push, we reached out to the community around us. We began by meeting with a couple of leaders at Grace, which led to increased vulnerability, counseling, prayer, accountability, and growth. What we found is that the more we reached out to those at Grace and beyond, the more the arms of Christ enveloped us. Despite the imperfections and struggles of both others and ourselves, we have come to know Jesus and His incredible grace and love even more through both trials and joys. In the past three years we have walked through loss, depression, uncertainty, extensive traveling, health problems, family issues, emotional and physical restoration, deepened relationships, and the birth of our son. What an incredible privilege to walk in community in the grace of God.

— Jason, Meridith & Nathaniel Axt

Early in My Journey
Last year, Jordan Fairback and Anne Marie Peterson invited me to attend the Christmas concert at Grace. With a good bit of nerves, I agreed to come. That night I felt like an intruder, somebody who didn’t get it. I wanted to know this God that this congregation was so in awe of.

I began to read the Bible, and bombard Jordan and Anne Marie with questions. I started listening to the sermons online. On January 20, I attended a service in person. Scott’s sermon resonated with me on a level I can’t describe. I heard the history of this church and testimony of members about how big a role Grace plays in their lives. I’ve never had the kind of relationship described with God, let alone a church. Hearing these people pour out their hearts in thanksgiving, I had to know why. I’ve been attending Grace regularly ever since. Every week, I walk away from the service in awe. I can’t believe how much I am learning and beginning to understand about God.

There’s no doubt in my mind that God knew I was ready to learn about him and he inserted the people and circumstances into my life that led me to Grace. I am still very early in my journey, but I can actually feel God’s presence in my life now, and it’s extremely humbling and inspiring. I can’t say thank you enough, and am looking forward to seeing what God has in store for my future.

— Michele Royer

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