We Are Pleased To Join You…

We Are Pleased To Join You…

We are pleased to join you in celebrating 20 years of ministry as a congregation. We are thankful to God for His provision, protection and blessing upon you. We see the evidences of God’s grace in your congregational life and we praise Him. We are also thankful to you for 20 years of love for God, commitment to the gospel, submission to God’s Word, vibrant worship, and joyful engagement in God’s mission.

During our time at Grace, our lives were enriched and our love for the local church multiplied. We learned to be husbands and wives, learned to be parents, saw our children believe, grew in our faith, renewed our love for God, renewed our hope for the church, healed from brokenness, and matured in faith. We do not take these blessings for granted. Grace Community Church was the right place at the right time to impact our lives for the glory of God. We are abundantly and eternally thankful to you for ministering the gospel to us and always pointing us to Christ.

Additionally, we remain in gratitude for your vision and willingness to send us to plant a new congregation in Hendersonville. You gave us the theology by teaching, the vision by modeling, the preparation by training, the resources by providing, the people by sending, and strength by encouraging. Redeemer Church exists because of all that you celebrate today. We thank you for being a faithful congregation and for multiplying yourself.

May God be continually glorified in you and through you.

– The Elders and the Founding Members of Redeemer Church