Words of Grace – Stories of Grace

Words of Grace – Stories of Grace

Read Cindy Curtis’ story of grace at Grace:

“I have most known grace at Grace through our times of worship. I will never forget my first Sunday at Grace in the Lifeway building. I felt that God opened my mouth and poured refreshing water into my soul during worship. I knew so little of corporate worship and its power in my life until I came here.

Week after week, for 12 years now, God has been faithful to strengthen my faith through our time together. Some of the years have been so difficult that I am certain I would not have remained in faith without God’s grace experienced in worship with you. I have learned to pour my heart out to our Father as we have worshipped together. God has sustained me with the songs, the sermons, the prayers, and the scriptures that have been read.

Worshipping God with you at Grace has been the sweetest thing in my life. I am so grateful for our time together with Him. More and more I find my heart stirred to long for the day when we will always be together with the Lord.”

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