Words of Grace – Stories of Grace

Words of Grace – Stories of Grace

Here’s another story of grace at Grace, written by John Kramp:

Among a long list of ways I have experienced God’s grace at Grace, two surprised me — congregational singing and prayer.

I experience God’s grace as the congregation sings each Sunday. I don’t really hear the worship leaders on stage although they are excellent; I hear a collection of voices all around me. I can sing and not feel self-conscious, or I can simply listen. Often I just listen. In this age of advanced technology and amplification, I had lost track of the simple pleasure of being surrounded by people singing, voices blending together, encouraging, and soothing the soul. Actually, I didn’t know I missed hearing congregational singing until I experienced this simple grace at Grace.

Over the years, I’ve learned so much from Scott Patty’s preaching. He is my favorite preacher by far. But if I had to choose between listening to Scott preach or listening to him pray, I would ask him to pray. God has used Scott’s “pastoral prayers” to remind me of the exquisite privilege of prayer. He doesn’t pray “show horse” prayers. Scott simply prays. God has used Scott’s praying and his dogged commitment to call our church to pray to awaken my stubborn heart to join the prayer party.

I can go a long time on the power of hearing others sing and listening to Scott pray. These and more have extended God’s grace to me at Grace.

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