True Sense of Community…

True Sense of Community…

Six years ago, I was praying for a church with a true sense of community. One afternoon as I drove south on Granny White Pike thinking about my church decisions, I was stopped by the red light at Old Hickory Boulevard. As cars crossed the intersection, I had time to think about how there were many smaller Nashville churches I never visited when I arrived, including, well, that church, the one waving to me from across the intersection.

Later, for some reason, I recounted this scene to my roommates, and one of them told me a mutual friend attended Grace. I contacted the mutual friend, went with her to the evening service, and found my new church. I was recovering from a painful season, and the small evening service was the just-right place for me to ease into life at Grace.

Less than a year later, God sent me on a semi-crazy, self-initiated four-month writing/mission trip to Africa. One of the hardest parts of the trip was that I was going alone. But because the members of Grace came around me and supported me despite my relative newness among them, I didn’t feel alone during those four months even though I had no travel companions. Since then, our church has continued to be a place of nurture, support, and affirmation in all of the faith-sharpening endeavors God calls me to.

I count Grace Community Church as one of God’s very generous gifts to me, one that serves as a sign of His care for me and for others and a testimony of how He interacts with us through prayer.

– Kami