An Integral Part of Our Lives…

An Integral Part of Our Lives…

Mary and I had been dating for almost a year and getting more serious by the month. After several weeks of ‘denominational volleying’…one week to a church from her background, and the next week to a church from my background… we decided to find a church we could both call our own.

We began brainstorming about “Community Churches” we had heard of and came up with a few names. Grace Community came to mind, and I remember hearing about it through David Atchison. Mary and I made our way to Eakin Elementary School in the late summer of 1997. I remember being warmly welcomed, but more than anything I recall the simplicity of it all. I was blown away by the small and purposeful, yet genuine worship team and their aim of bringing the congregation into the presence of the Lord with singing. It was not a performance. What a cup of fresh water this was to me. I was tired of the “show”, and had played a part in many a show over the years in my Nashville church experience. The congregation SANG (what a novel idea), Scott shared a solid expository message, and I felt like I was already home. We joined in the Fall of 1998 and have never looked back.

God has used GCC throughout our entire marriage. Grace Community Church, in a very covert way, has smoothed over some rough doctrinal/denominational edges in our early years, and has brought us both to a healthier Biblical understanding of what God’s grace really is and what it really looks like. We’re certainly still learning and growing. But it’s hard to see how that growth would have happened without the body of GCC as an integral part of our lives. And what’s more, our children are growing to learn about the message of the gospel itself, and not just “Bible stories” about an ark, a big fish, or a whole mess of frogs!

We are SO encouraged to be a part of Grace Community Church. Praise be to God for His indescribable gift!

– Scott Moore