Words of Grace – Gospel-Centeredness and Missions

Words of Grace – Gospel-Centeredness and Missions

The gospel is the multifaceted message of Christ that includes who he is and what he did on our behalf to save us from sin and for God. Repentance and faith are the proper and saving responses to the gospel.

Once believed and received, the message of Christ’s love goes to work on our hearts. When the heart is changing, the way we live in the practicalities of life changes as well. We call this gospel-centered living.

Gospel-centered living is the first essential for doing missions. Mission activity – actions and words that take the gospel outside the church to others – flows from Christians and churches that are living by faith and experiencing the power of Christ’s love.

Today, return to the multifaceted message of Christ. Think on his life, death, resurrection and Lordship. Think on his love for you. Live by faith and let his love address the issues that have risen to the surface of your life.

For more on the gospel-centered life, listen to last Sunday’s sermon, and join us this Sunday.