Words of Grace – Jesus’ Question

Words of Grace – Jesus’ Question

During the last meal Jesus shared with his disciples before his death, a fight broke out. The disciples were arguing over who was the greatest. Jesus stepped into the dispute with a question, “Who is the greater, one who sits at the table to be served or one who serves the meal?”

If you read much of Jesus you learn quickly that a question from him is not designed to get information from you, but to get the gospel into you. Jesus’ questions probe the human heart, reveal our natural way of thinking, and then bring correction that is consistent with his ways.

Knowing that everyone thinks that those who are served are greater than those who serve, Jesus answered his own question this way, “I am among you as the one who serves.”

The gospel message is about Jesus divesting himself of the right to use his power for self-protection while on this earth, and yielding himself to the purpose of God to render the ultimate service to us by dying for our sins on the cross. Jesus is the Greatest One.

At this last meal with his disciples, Jesus wanted them to get this gospel message so deep in their souls that they would choose a life of great service to him and others.

What probing question is ringing in your soul today? Think long about the gospel of Jesus to find the answer.

– Scott