Why God Put Grace Community Church in Nashville, Part 6

Why God Put Grace Community Church in Nashville, Part 6

Originally posted on August 27, 2008

Churches Send People Into The World

The New Testament vision of the church is that it serves as light in the world (Matthew 5:14-16, Philippians 2:15). In order to bring light to the world, the people of the church must be in the world. The church is to send her members into her city to serve the common good and to share the gospel of Christ.

This week I have been watching the new building progress. Last week, the steel beam work was completed. Today, the stairs are being installed. Just minutes ago I stood outside watching the work with a sense of the nature of our ministry. We are building a facility to gather together to grow as disciples, but the gathering for growth will lead to sending for service. The doors of the new building will not only let people in, but also let people out. The purpose of the building is to send people out of it and into our city.

Here’s a challenge for us all. When we gather for worship this Sunday, let’s do so with a view of Monday. Let’s come together, pray, read God’s word, sing, and encourage one another in such a way that we will be ready for Monday. Monday will include school, work, and interaction with people. It will be full of responsibilities and some stresses. But Monday will also be an opportunity to let our light shine, to serve in Jesus’ name, and to share the grace of God in the gospel.

We gather on Sunday so we can be sent on Monday. That’s why God put Grace Community Church in Nashville.

Pastor Scott