Why God Put Grace Community Church in Nashville, Part 2

Why God Put Grace Community Church in Nashville, Part 2

Originally posted on May 23, 2008

A Witness of the Grace of Jesus
God put Grace Community Church in Nashville to be a witness of the grace of Jesus Christ, which is most clearly displayed in His death on the cross for our sins, and is also seen in the practical changes He makes in the community of believers.

Say It
To be a witness of the grace of Jesus we must first and forever communicate the biblical gospel. The central message of the Bible is that God, by grace, reconciles sinful human beings to Himself through the death of His Son Jesus Christ. The death of Jesus accomplished much. It served the justice of God by fully paying the penalty of human sin. It showed the mercy of God because Jesus died for our sins, not His own. His death is the deliverance of people who deserve to pay the penalty for sin themselves. The death of Jesus removed the sin that separates us from God, thus reconciling us to God. The accomplishments of the cross are applied to all who believe in Jesus. This is the message we bring to the people of Nashville.

Show It
Second, we are witnesses of the grace of Jesus as the gospel increasingly changes our lives. The gospel is a life-transforming power. Jesus intends to transform and mature those whom He has saved by His death. These people are gathered into believing communities called churches. These churches are in cities to show the real effects of the gospel on the human heart and on the way we relate to each other. Jesus intends for us to let our light shine. Our light is the effect of His grace on us. We are in Nashville so the grace of Jesus can be seen.

What can we each do to give a witness of the grace of Jesus in our city? We must simultaneously be growing in grace that leads to character change, sharing the message of salvation by grace with others, and living together as a community of grace that helps people know God and grow in Christ.

We are here for Jesus’ sake. Interestingly, when we live to be a witness of the grace of Jesus, we are also living for the good of others, for He is the highest good the human heart can know.

Pastor Scott