Together in the Mission

Together in the Mission

Originally posted on June 21, 2006

During the month of June the Grace family has been meditating on Psalm 34, and learning that together we worship, pray, delight in God, learn, and express our brokenness.

There is something else we do together- the great commission of Jesus Christ. That’s why we as a church are involved in missions through giving, supporting, sending, and going. Whatever one of us does in missions, we all do. We do missions together.

Tomorrow, a worship team and I will leave for a nine-day trip to Poland. We will lead in corporate worship, preach from Romans 8, and give encouragement to missionaries. We have had the privilege of ministering with these 600 missionaries for the past six years. They have become like family to us, and many of them consider Grace one of their home churches in America. They leave this week of worship, teaching, and fellowship refreshed and ready to go back to their cities to share the gospel and plant churches.

As we board the plane Thursday, I hope you know that we (the team and the whole church) are doing this together. Your generosity in giving to Grace, your understanding of me being away, and your faithful prayers all contribute to the mission. Others from Grace are out this summer doing mission work. We all contribute to that work as well.

The body of Christ is a beautiful thing. What we do, we do together. I am honored to do missions with you.

Please pray for us. Lord willing, we will see you in a few weeks and jump into Romans again.

Pastor Scott