Today’s Fast

Today’s Fast

Originally posted on July 2, 2010

Today is the First Friday Prayer and Fast day at Grace. I often fast out of duty (since I’m the one who asks our church to fast each month, I need to do it myself). I am grateful that earlier this week my personal Bible reading was from Isaiah 58. Reading this chapter has helped me be more intentional about praying and fasting today. I hope you can read it now.

The early part of Isaiah 58 is about a fast that is meaningless. The fasting of the people had become ritualistic. It was not from the heart, nor did it further shape the life. The second part of the chapter is about the kind of fast that Lord wants. He wants a fast that includes justice, mercy, and the sharing of possessions. He wants a fast that reveals a heart seeking Him and His glory.

Today, as we fast, let’s first pray for the glory and grace of God to be known through us. And second, let’s include actions that show the glory and grace of God to others while we pray and fast.

I hope today is a meaningful fast day for you.