The Power and Practicality of Not Being Condemned

The Power and Practicality of Not Being Condemned

Originally posted on September 15, 2006

“Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”
Romans 8:1

Last Sunday we heard God’s word declare over us that in Christ Jesus we are not condemned. Christ took on the penalty for our sins, thereby securing our pardon and forgiveness. Christ’s righteous life was counted as ours, thereby securing our acceptance with God.

To be declared not condemned by God has massive implications for the way you live everyday. Here are a few.

1. You have peace with God. You can live your life on this earth without being afraid of God. The Bible tells us to fear God, which means to respect, worship, listen to, and obey Him. But as a Christian you are not to be afraid of God. In fact, Romans 8: 15 tells you that you can call God, “Abba, Father.”

2. You can fight the battle against sin with one less weight. Fighting against sin and temptation to sin is hard enough without carrying around guilt over the struggle. If you know that you are not condemned by God, a great weight is lifted and you gain new energy to focus on obedience to God from a heart of love.

3. You don’t have to make up for past sins or maintain a perfect record before God. Your service to God and to others is motivated by love, which always makes the service sweeter.

4. You don’t have to justify yourself to others. Imagine relating to others without being defensive. You are not condemned, and no one can condemn you before God, so when you interact with others you can focus on truth, love, and edification.

5. You will be less likely to judge and condemn others. As you understand the grace and mercy shown to you by God, you will begin to see others in light of their need of the same. Prayer and hope will replace judgment and condemnation.

6. You have entered a new relationship with God that makes you a partner with Him in bringing truth, justice, mercy, and help to the world. “For God so loved the world…” will become your motivation for living a life of influence in the world. The gospel will more naturally flow from you in word and deed.

7. Sunday worship takes on a whole new level of engagement. When God’s grace is tasted and His promise of no condemnation is understood and believed, songs are sweeter, prayers are more earnest, fellowship is more loving, and the proclamation of the Word is more transforming.

God’s truth is always powerful and practical. Let’s pray together that our hearts will be open as never before to the truth of Romans 8.

Pastor Scott