The Final Stretch of Future Grace

The Final Stretch of Future Grace

Originally posted on April 20, 2006

Just over two years ago our church launched into the challenge of raising money to purchase property and build the facilities we now call home. Five months ago, we wrote Bible verses on the bare floor of the chapel and moved in a few weeks later. The building still smells new, but already much ministry is taking place.

Not a week goes by that I do not see evidence of God’s gracious work in someone’s life. While I know that it is God who is working, I also know that God works practically through people. I want you to know that God is working through you.

How is God working through you? Every gift given to the Future Grace Giving Campaign makes ministry possible. You see the children in their Sunday school classes and the teenagers in Bible study. You hear the conversations in the Gathering Hall and the singing in the chapel. The book of Romans is roaring with gospel throughout our church. Prayer meetings are happening. People are leaving our worship services each week to do the deeds of Christ and share His gospel in the world. Giving is one way God uses us to make ministry happen.

Thank you for your faithful giving to Future Grace these past two years. To date, you have given $842,883 of our $1.2 million pledge.

As we move into this final year of Future Grace, here are ways we can finish strong.

1. Join us for our Final Year Future Grace Emphasis. On Sundays, April 23- May 7, we will hear testimonies from people who have given to Future Grace and we will ask the Lord to fill us with fresh vision and renewed commitment for the future.

2. Pray that our buildings will be used to bring glory to God, make disciples, and launch people into the world for ministry and missions.

3. Continue to fulfill your pledge. We are in the building, but we are still paying for it. Review the progress you have made on your pledge and make plans to fulfill it in this final year.

4. If you are new to Grace, make a one-year pledge or give a gift to Future Grace. We will hold a Final Year Future Grace Presentation on Sunday, May 7, 2006, immediately following the 10:30 worship service. Lunch will be served and childcare will be provided. You may register in the Gathering Hall or by calling the church office (377-8997).

Grace will continue to face facility needs in the future. Already, plans are underway for additional parking. Future building phases will be considered in the upcoming years. Please continue to pray for God’s provision and for the spiritual vitality of our congregation. We remain committed to the vision of building spiritually healthy people for ministry in the world, and to using our buildings to serve that end.

I look forward to walking with God and with you in this final year of Future Grace.

Pastor Scott