Stewards in the Kingdom: Our Building

Stewards in the Kingdom: Our Building

Originally posted on October 27, 2005

God uses the material things of this world to advance His kingdom in the world. God calls His people to be good stewards, managing those material things for His purpose.

The computers we are using to communicate are material blessings from God to be used for kingdom purposes. Cells phones, cars, houses, paper and ink, are all to be managed and used by us for His kingdom. Money pays for these material things, so our stewardship over it is particularly important to the kingdom work.

Grace Community Church has been blessed with a building. On a whole new level, we are stewards of a material possession. We know that God is the owner of this building and that He has entrusted it to us for a purpose. As we move into it, let’s remember our stewardship and faithfully manage this building for His glory.

To do so, we must do these things. First, let us always remain grateful to God and to the people who have given and worked to provide this building. Second, let’s keep the building in the gift, not god, category. The best way to do this is to use the building for God’s purposes. Which leads to the third thing we must do, use the building with purpose. God has called us to make disciples by gathering for worship, prayer, and proclamation; growing in faith and fellowship with one another; and going into the world with the gospel. We must use our building for these purposes. Fourth, let’s care for the building. Caring for a building will require paying for it, maintaining it, respecting it, and keeping its appearance in such a way that we communicate the value of our mission.

I hope you will spend time in prayer related to our collective stewardship at Grace.

Pastor Scott