New Ventures of Faith: Our Future

New Ventures of Faith: Our Future

Originally posted on November 1, 2005

We moved in, now what?

The future of Grace is not to be thought of as a location in Nashville or a building. Nor is our future defined by a worship style or a set of programs. God owns Grace Community Church and our future belongs to Him. He will determine our future by working for us, in us, and through us to bring glory to His name and the hope of the gospel to others.

God’s work will require from us faith and obedience. God will not orchestrate events that do not require faith. This means that His provision of a building for our church is not intended to decrease our need to trust Him or to diminish our calling to launch out into new ventures of faith.

The future of Grace will be a walk of faith into new ventures of ministry. When we started Grace, we had no idea God would call us to serve in the university community, then in Central and Eastern Europe, and also among a refugee group right here in Nashville. We had very little understanding of what it would mean to give money to buy property and build a building. We didn’t know that our preaching, worshipping, teaching, and outreach would look like it does today. No one dreamed that giving to missions would be such a significant part of our church. Who could predict that Grace would become a place where people’s lives and families would be restored to God by His goodness and the instruction of His word?

Any yet, these things have happened. And, each of these things required faith. Every time in our thirteen-year history God has called us to some ministry venture, we have had to step out and trust Him.

Moving to a new location brings with it the opportunity to seek God’s direction for future ministry that will require His abundant grace and strength. This is our future. Pray with me that we will enter it with great and growing faith.

Pastor Scott