Moved By Mercy

Moved By Mercy

Originally posted on March 23, 2007

After eleven chapters of pure mercy from God toward sinners, Paul opens chapter twelve of Romans with a strong exhortation. “I urge you,” he said. In light of God’s mercy in Christ, Paul wants to motivate the people to a new kind of living. In short, Christians are to be moved by mercy!

1. Be moved by mercy by meditating on the mercy of God toward you in Christ. In A Practical View of Christianity, William Wilberforce includes a section on “Looking Unto Jesus”. He calls Christians to meditate on the cross of Christ as a way of ridding the heart of sin and building into our lives those qualities that please God. His point is that meditating on the mercy of the cross as our deliverance from sin and wrath moves us in practical, transforming ways.

Many “secrets” and “discoveries” have been put forth as the way to live our faith with victory and joy. But there are no real secrets. The way has been laid out plainly for all to see. “Fix your eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross.” (Hebrews 12:2) Meditate on the mercy of God in the cross of Christ.

2. Be moved by mercy toward God. Keep in view God’s mercy for you in the past. He has cleansed you of every ugly sin you have committed in both deed and thought. Keep in view God’s mercy for you in the present. You are breathing, working, living, and experiencing His grace this moment by His mercy. Keep in view God’s mercy for you in the future. Your next hour will be supplied with what you need to love and obey God and to serve others by His mercy. Then, with this view of mercy, give yourself to God unreservedly and with great joy.

3. Be moved by mercy toward others. As one who has received mercy, go show mercy. Speak kindly to those who speak harshly. Give to those in need. Help the helpless. Bind up the broken and build up the beaten down. Fix something for someone. Support a child through a ministry. Encourage adoption. Discourage abortion. Resist racism. Feed the homeless. Visit an elderly person. Volunteer at a school. Baby-sit for parents. Use words to restore dignity to someone. Correct a friend who is sinning. Look for practical ways to be a mercy giver in your home and workplace. In all things, take the opportunities you have to tell of the mercy of Christ in the cross that moves you to show and share mercy to others.

Pastor Scott