Mercy Among Us

Mercy Among Us

Originally posted on May 9, 2007

…in view of God’s mercies.
Romans 12:1

…think so as to have sound judgment.
Romans 12:3

…we who are many are one body in Christ.
Romans 12:5

…since we have gifts that differ, each is to exercise them accordingly.
Romans 12:6

Let love be without hypocrisy.
Romans 12:9

Mercy Among Us
The mercy by which God saves us and makes us His children, and by which we live for Him with mind and body, also joins us to the church. The church is the experience of God’s mercy among us.

Romans 12 shows us what it means to live with God’s mercy among us.

1. People who know God’s mercy enter the church with humility. When we measure ourselves by the gospel standard of the cross of Christ we see ourselves as recipients of grace. This spiritual sight leads to the expulsion of insane pride and sound judgment takes over. When humble people come to church, unity, service, and love abound.

2. People who know God’s mercy contribute to unity in the church. Unity is not agreement on everything by everyone. Unity is the connection we have to one another that is rooted in the reality of salvation in Christ and expressed in the common confession that Jesus is Lord. Knowing that we belong to one another because we belong to Christ results in practical care for the church.

3. People who know God’s mercy serve the church. God has given each person the ability to contribute to the church through service. Mercy and service are inseparable. Mentally and emotionally taking in the mercy of Christ for us on the cross provides the energy, initiative, and creativity needed to move toward others in service.

4. People who know God’s mercy love the church. The greatest lovers are those who know they are loved. You are loved. The death of Christ for you is the demonstration of the love of God for you. The dynamic of gospel love is that it always flows outward to others.

“Mercy among us” is a great description of church life. We are in the church by mercy, we share God’s mercy with each other, and we extend gospel mercy to the world. Let us keep a steady gaze on the cross to keep a steady flow of mercy among us.

Pastor Scott