Memorizing for Mind Renewal in the Mercy of God

Memorizing for Mind Renewal in the Mercy of God

Originally posted on January 12, 2007

One of the mercy prayers for 2007 that I have for our church is that we renew our minds in the mercy of God. I take that prayer from Romans 12:1-2, “I urge you by the mercies of God…be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

One of the best ways to renew the way we think, and as a result change our beliefs, attitude and values, is to meditate on and memorize the words of the Bible. Since we are studying Romans this year, chapter 12 is a great chapter for us to memorize together.

Each Sunday we will print a new memory verse from Romans 12 on the sermon outline page in the bulletin. I encourage you to join us as we memorize to renew the mind in the mercy of God.

How To Memorize A Chapter In The Bible
1. Read and understand the entire chapter. Look for the main thoughts of the chapter and the way the verses connect. Gaining this kind of understanding will help you memorize the individual verses in order.

2. Memorize the chapter a verse at a time.

Each day, read the week’s verse ten times slowly and recite the verse ten times from memory. Recite the previous week’s verse ten times from memory. Then connect all the memorized verses together and recite them from memory.

Continue this process until you memorize the entire chapter. When you’ve finished memorizing the chapter, say the whole thing one time every day for a month or six weeks. After that, say it once a week forever!

3. Use the verse in prayer. Pray the truths of the verse for yourself and for others. This will help both your memorizing and praying.

4. Talk about the verse with someone who will memorize with you.

5. Fall asleep each night with the verse on your mind.

6. Keep reading the entire chapter you are memorizing several times a week. This step will help you go from one verse to another with ease and understanding and will help your memory work become true mind renewal.

God’s Mercy And Our Minds
One of the great mercies of God is His gift of the mind. Let’s use it to recall His mercies and glorify Him together.

Pastor Scott