Links to Grace: May 2009

Links to Grace: May 2009

Originally posted on May 14, 2009

For this month’s Links to Grace, I share with you a gold mine of great talks and interviews on various topics at The Gospel Coalition web site . I’ve selected a few of the offerings, but I hope you will take full advantage of the resources on this sight.

Remember the disclaimer from the January Links to Grace: “Please keep in mind that while I will do my best to link you to sound teaching that provides practical help, I cannot guarantee that you or I will agree with everything we hear or read in these links. Mature listeners and readers realize that they can benefit from others with whom they may disagree.”

Pastor Scott

Here is the index of messages on The Gospel Coalition website. Search it. I believe you will be helped.

Topics Related to the Christian Life

Here are two messages that are very practical for home, church, and shaping a new generation.

What I Learned by Being My Mother’s Daughter

Some Sweet Blessings of Masculine Christianity