Links to Grace: February 2009

Links to Grace: February 2009

Originally posted on February 12, 2009

Dear Congregation,
Here is this month’s Links To Grace. If you are new to these monthly emails, go to the January Words Of Grace on the web site for an explanation of Links To Grace.

I am continually grateful for the way the Lord uses diverse personalities with different speaking styles to communicate the one central message of the cross of Christ and its transforming power in my life. I have benefited from each of these speakers and I hope you will be as challenged and encouraged as I have been by their messages.

Be quick to hear,
Pastor Scott

The Cross of Christ
Here are three messages on the cross of Christ. Enjoy the difference in personalities and styles while appreciating the central message of the gospel.

The Cross of Christ, by John Stott

John Stott has had a profound impact on my life and ministry for twenty years through his writings. Only recently have I begun to listen to his preaching. Stott is as clear in his preaching as he is in his books. He keeps the cross central in every sermon and on every page. That’s why I love him. You will hear the sounds of city buses in the background of this message. All Souls Church is in the center of London and the front door of the building is just a sidewalk away from the street. Thank God for the sound of the gospel in London.

The Suffering Servant, by C.J. Mahaney
C.J. Mahaney simply loves to preach about Christ, the cross, and the grace of God. Here is an intense and encouraging sermon on the suffering of Christ from Isaiah 53. Mahaney does a great job reminding us that the pain of the cross was motivated by and communicates the love of God for us. Brace yourself.

Race and Cross, by John Piper
This message shows us just one way the cross addresses human sin and need. But the sin and need Piper addresses with the cross is huge. Race continues to be at the forefront of the national conversation and I am grateful that Jesus has not left us to figure this out on our own. His death reconciles us to God and is the ground of our reconciliation to each other.

Our Words
These two messages are by Paul Tripp. Tripp is new to me and I am happy to be making his acquaintance. I find him unusually insightful into the human condition and very helpful in leading me to Jesus. These messages are about the condition of our hearts, the power of our words, and our relationships with others.

War Of Words: Getting To The Heart, by Paul Tripp
This message powerfully shows how what I say comes from my heart, and that my heart is very interested in me. I would love to say that hearing this message changed me. It is better to say that this message continues to convict me and by God’s grace I am changing- slowly.

The Family: Why Do We Struggle So?, by Paul Tripp
This message came to me from Jason Miller. Here is what he has to say about it. “Paul David Tripp uses the word of God and personal experiences to help us understand how our own heart attitudes lead to fighting and quarreling, and helps us find new ways to reach out to each other with grace.”

Pray for the President
Al Mohler writes a prayer for President Obama. Print it, keep it, and pray it regularly.