Humble Love

Humble Love

Originally posted on June 22, 2007

“Do not be wise in your own estimation.” Romans 12:16

Our estimation of ourselves is rooted in pride. We’re human, which means a pre-occupation with self is in our nature. This obsession with self is pride. It also colors the way we see everything. So our estimation of ourselves is always marked, and marred, by pride.

Have you ever wondered why you struggle with thinking either too lowly or too highly of yourself? Have you figured out that the problem is whether it’s too low or too high, it’s simply too much!

One big problem with this kind of thinking is that when it’s about us, it can’t be about others. When our pride causes us to be obsessed with ourselves, we are not good lovers of people.

The gospel tells us how to think of ourselves according to God’s estimation. God sees things the way they really are. The cross of Christ reveals the way God sees things. The cross pulls back the curtain on the realities of God’s holiness and wrath against our sin. Yet it is the cross that demonstrates God’s love for sinners. The cross tells of the undeserved nature of our salvation, for there Jesus did for us what we could not do for ourselves. Jesus died for our sins.

The effect of seeing ourselves in light of the cross is that we are humbled. We see the depth of love Jesus has for us and the depth of sin from which He delivered us. We see that we didn’t earn or deserve our salvation. We simply have no more room for pride in our hearts.

The humbled person is not preoccupied with self, but is occupied with Christ. Being occupied with Christ and thinking on Him is actually the best way to be free from the prideful self-consciousness. Humbled by the cross, and freed from self-obsession, we are now in a position to love.

Bow before the cross in prayer. Get up in humility. Go love someone.

Pastor Scott