Grace Missions Month

Grace Missions Month

Originally posted on October 30, 2007

Dear Grace Family and Friends,

November 4 and 11 are two Sundays we have designated for emphasis on Grace Missions. On these days, we will look to God’s Word to gain His vision and passion for the spread of the gospel to the world. We will see the hope the gospel brings to those who hear and believe, which is eternal life. Who can have this hope unless they believe? Who can believe unless they hear? Who will hear without being told? Hope depends on hearing and believing. That’s why we do Grace Missions.

In 2007, our church was involved in a variety of mission and ministry efforts. We loved and supported our own members serving around the world and here in Nashville. In many other ways, the people of Grace looked outside the church walls and participated in God’s work in the world this past year. We hope 2008 will be more of the same. We know God blesses us so we can be a blessing to others by making His name known (Psalm 67). As we prepare for the upcoming year, we hope to be a blessing to Nashville and the world through practical missions involvement.

To that end, we are asking the people of Grace to seek the Lord regarding their involvement in Grace Missions. The work of the gospel is God’s work, and the glory of the gospel belongs to Him. He will provide for His work through us. The joy of obedience is ours. Grace Missions Emphasis provides you with an opportunity to prayerfully seek your place of involvement in God’s work.

Pastor Scott