Good Options for Giving

Good Options for Giving

Originally posted on April 25, 2008

Here’s an issue that came up in conversation this week. In light of the Future Grace Giving Campaign, how do we think about the various opportunities we have to give money to other very good causes?

In a church where ministry is happening, money is needed for many things. There are ongoing ministry needs and special projects like building construction. When people in a church catch a vision for how God can use them, they sometimes launch out to do big things for God’s glory on their own. This brings financial needs for things like mission trips, adoptions, and funding for ministries not connected to a local church. So, what do we do when we have the opportunity to give to many different places?

Here is my encouragement to you if you are finding yourself with many good options for giving.

First, it is a good practice of stewardship to keep as a priority your regular giving to the ongoing ministry of the local church. This allows the local church to do the work of evangelism, discipleship, care, outreach, and missions giving and sending in the world.

Second, rejoice that you have options for giving. Imagine what your life would be like if your world were so small that you didn’t come in contact with need. I’d rather be asked to give and not be able to than to be so disconnected from others that no one ever asked.

Third, remember that one of the beautiful things about giving is that there is great freedom in choosing where and how to give. As you look at the letters you have received requesting support for various needs, use your freedom- pray, decide, give, rejoice.

Fourth, trust God. There is no competition between good, God-honoring, Christ-centered ministries. As you pray, yield your money to God, and give as He leads. You can also trust that He will supply for His kingdom work. Be at peace.

Future Grace Devotional Guide
Today is day eighteen of the Future Grace Devotional Guide. From Ephesians 2:1-13, we read about being made alive in Christ. What a great devotional reflection and prayer. I prayed through this passage for you this morning. If you haven’t been reading the devotional guide, it’s not too late to start. Start at day nineteen and enjoy.

Future Grace Website
Did you see the testimonies on the website? I couldn’t help but stop and thank God when I heard how He is working to make disciples among us. Check it out at

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