Giving for a Gospel Purpose

Giving for a Gospel Purpose

Originally posted on April 18, 2008

This week, I have been at the Together For The Gospel conference in Kentucky. This was not a good week for a conference as the responsibilities of family, ministry, and Future Grace are particularly heavy right now. But, since I registered for the conference one year ago, and the conference is only held every two years, I decided to attend and pay the price later.

I’m glad I went. During one of the sessions, the speaker issued a strong challenge to make the glory of Christ in the gospel of God my first priority, even to the point of taking risks and enduring the tensions that come with leading for this purpose. While hearing this, I found myself asking why I am leading the Future Grace Giving Campaign. I don’t need to do this for me or for my sense of accomplishment and success. So why take on this task?

In a moment of clarity, I realized again the only reason to take on the risks and tensions that come with something as challenging as giving money for a new building is the gospel. The glory of Christ is seen in the gospel being believed and lived out by people. These people are called disciples.

I’m in the van on my way home as I write (obviously someone else is driving). As I approach Nashville, I am leaving the conference world behind and am entering the real world of life with you at Grace. At this time, our life together includes seeking the Lord concerning how and what we are to give for the purpose of making gospel-believing and obeying disciples of Jesus. Our task now is to provide the physical space for this eternal and God-glorifying end.

At this point in the Future Grace campaign, this is what I encourage you to do. Continue to pray for the disciple-making ministries of Grace. Pursue your own discipleship. Look for ways to help others in their discipleship. Visit the Future Grace website. Participate in the Principles of Giving Panel Discussion this Sunday, April 20, at 4:00 p.m. Plan to give and pledge on Commitment Sunday, May 4.

Together for the gospel with you,

Pastor Scott