Getting Ready to Run the Romans Road

Getting Ready to Run the Romans Road

Originally posted on January 19, 2006

This Sunday at Grace, we begin a study of the book of Romans. As I approach this sermon series, I have many of the same feelings I’ve had at the start line of a marathon. I know this journey will be rewarding, but it will also be challenging. I know there will be joys along the way, but also temptations to lose steam and want to stop by the side of the road. I have a great sense of anticipation because the truth of Romans will set us free and fuel our hearts for worship and ministry. I also have a sense of dread because the word of God will challenge us in stress producing ways as it calls for greater levels of repentance and faith. Like running a marathon, the journey through Romans will be anything but boring and when we are finished we won’t be the same.

So, how do we prepare for this Romans marathon? Here are some tips.

1. Get a Bible and bring it to church. I will preach from the New American Standard Bible, updated edition. You will be fine using the New International Version, the Holman Christian Standard Version, the English Standard Version, or the New King James Version. After you have one of these translations to use for our study, you may find the New Living Translation helpful in your personal reading.

2. Read Romans. Read it many times, maybe once a week or month until we finish our study. This will help you keep the major themes in your mind as we work through small passages each week.

3. Pray. God’s word is incorporated into our lives as we prayerfully ponder its applications. Romans is full of difficult passages that can cause us to grow weary if not received with faith. Pray for God to do a great work in you and in our church.

4. Buy a notebook or journal for sermon notes. Each week we will continue to provide a sermon outline, but you may want to take more extensive notes. Using the same notebook will help you review and remember the truths we study.

5. Talk it up. Go to a Community Group to discuss Romans. Talk about Romans with family and friends. Tell someone who doesn’t know Christ the powerful gospel message found in Romans.

6. Look for reasons to worship. There must be thousands of reasons to give praise to God found in the book of Romans. Go look up Romans 11:33-36 and see how Paul did it.

7. Get in the marathon mindset. We plan to go the distance and we plan to do it together. Stay engaged and see this study through; it will be worth it.

Pastor Scott