Getting Grace By Showing Up

Getting Grace By Showing Up

Originally posted on August 26, 2010

One of the simplest lessons I have ever learned as a Christian is the importance of showing up. To receive the ongoing grace I need to walk with God, the first thing I need to do is show up. I need to show up at my desk each morning to read the Bible and pray. I need to show up to talk to my wife about life, our marriage, and our family. I need to show up each Sunday morning for corporate worship, prayer, preaching, and encouragement. I need to show up for conversations with brothers in Christ who are showing up with me.

I don’t have to show up in good shape, with a good attitude, or with a good record of obedience from the day before. I just need to show up so God can work in my life by His grace. That usually takes care of my attitude and leads to obedience.

I don’t show up as a statement of my strength. I show up to boldly declare that I am weak and that I need God.

I don’t show up because I self-righteously deserve a place at God’s table. I show up as one who has been invited to the table because Jesus secured my place when He died for my sins.

It is almost September and a new season. Do you have a place you are committed to show up to receive God’s ongoing grace in your life? We start the Gospel of Luke in worship this Sunday. New Sunday School classes have begun. New Community Groups begin September 1. New men’s and women’s small groups begin soon. A friend needs to meet with you for encouragement. You can’t do it all, nor should you try. But there is somewhere, at some time, you need to commit to showing up for the sake of your soul. Find it and receive the grace of God in your life.