Christian Basics

Christian Basics

Originally posted on June 11, 2010

Today it is good to be preparing to preach on Sunday. After two Sundays away I am glad to be back. Thanks to Jason Miller and Bill Maynard for bringing two great messages the past two weeks. As I listened to them preach I was reminded that some of my favorite preachers are at Grace.

This summer I plan to preach a series called “Christian Basics.” This series will be a little different from my usual method of preaching through a book of the Bible. I will still preach from Bible passages, but I will focus on a different Christian basic each week and chose passages that relate.

I asked myself this question, “If I had one long conversation to explain to someone what the basics of being a Christian and living as a Christian are, what would I say?” The answer has become a nine-week sermon series. I hope that if you are wondering what the basics are, or if you are trying to talk to a friend about Christ, this series will help you. I pray that reminding ourselves of the Christian basics will help our church remain faithful to Christ.

Here is an overview of the Christian Basics series:
God Has Spoken
The Christ In “Christian”
Grace and Faith
What God Has Done In Salvation
What God Continues To Do In Salvation
What God Will Do In Salvation
The Church
The World

I look forward to seeing you Sunday,