Building Plans Move Forward

Building Plans Move Forward

Originally posted on May 9, 2008

The elders are in unanimous agreement that the course of action to be taken is to continue with the plan to construct the building for the discipleship ministry of Grace, as recommended by the elders and affirmed by the congregation in November.

After the initial Future Grace giving report we received on Sunday, we believed there was wisdom in reevaluating the building project and the financial obligations associated with it, and in listening to the feedback and wisdom of the congregation. Here is how the week unfolded.

The Future Grace giving total as of Sunday was $1,073,442. This is well short of our giving goal and construction costs.

On Monday evening, the elders met for several hours to discuss the issues and options related to the building project and financial obligations. We determined that discussing these issues and options with the congregation would be wise.

On Tuesday, we sent an email to our congregation calling for a special congregational meeting to be held on Wednesday evening.

On Wednesday evening, the special called congregational meeting was held. The financial information was presented and options for proceeding were discussed. The congregation asked questions and gave helpful feedback. We prayed together and sought the will of the Lord. (If you were unable to attend the meeting, you may hear the audio by clicking here.)

On Thursday evening, the elders met again for three hours to consider the comments from the congregational called meeting and to once again discuss the options. We asked the Lord to give us wisdom and guidance. After much deliberation and reevaluation of the ministry needs and finances of the church, it was agreed we should continue with the building project and with Future Grace as planned.

We believe God has led Grace the past fifteen years, is with us now, and will continue to work in and through us in the future.

We also want to thank you for your commitment to Grace. Your giving to the weekly offering and to Future Grace makes ministry possible. Your prayers and comments this week are much appreciated.

This Sunday, we will conclude our study on discipleship from the Gospel of Mark. Peter, the struggling but enduring disciple will be our focus. Sunday evening we will come together for the Future Grace Celebration Concert. We hope you will join us.

We joyfully serve you,
Pastor Scott and the Elders