A Call to Prayer

A Call to Prayer

Originally posted on January 3, 2008

Each month we read in our prayer guide, “Devoted To Prayer”, these words. “We believe the power of the Holy Spirit is required to accomplish the mission of the church. We believe prayer is the means by which we receive this power. We believe the church is called to strive together in prayer.” The biblical basis for this statement is Romans 15:30, “strive together with me in your prayers to God.”

To turn this belief into action, it has been the practice of Grace Community Church to call ourselves to prayer at the beginning of each year. As Grace begins a new year of ministry, and as we approach our 15th anniversary on January 15, we will designate January 6-19 as a 14-day season of prayer.

When you arrive at church this Sunday, you will receive a 14-Day Prayer Guide. We will begin this season of prayer in each worship service. We will be sent out to be devoted to prayer throughout the week.

Our expectation is that the Lord will renew our love, vision, unity, strength and obedience as we wait upon Him in prayer.

Pastor Scott