Welcoming the Un-churched to Church With the Gospel

Welcoming the Un-churched to Church With the Gospel

Originally posted on October 22, 2004

” ‘Come now, and let us reason together,’ says the Lord. Though your sins are
as scarlet, they will be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they will
be like wool.”
Isaiah 1:18

Is there a more welcoming message than the gospel? Look at what the Lord says to sinners. “Come, repent and believe, and I’ll remove your sin and set you right with Me.” The gospel message is the invitation to come. God welcomes repenting sinners.

What unwelcoming messages could the un-churched hear from the church? “Don’t come, you’re not like us.” “Clean up first, then you can come.” “If you come, conform.”

Think about it, would you want to attend that kind of church? I wouldn’t! If I did not attend church and did not understand what was really going on at church, I would need a more welcoming message to encourage me to attend.

So, what is the welcoming message of the gospel for un-churched people?

I believe it is more like this. “You are welcome here. God loves you. We love you. Come in, listen to the message, and consider the claims and call of Christ. Ask questions, let’s talk. Here’s how Jesus dealt with your sin. This is what it means to follow Him. If you repent and believe, you can know His forgiveness, you can have His life, and you can be made right with Him. He will radically change your life and your joy can be beyond belief. Come.”

Gospel Commitments At Grace

Let’s make a commitment to one another. At Grace, let’s keep the welcoming message of the gospel front and center. Here’s how.

1. From the pulpit. I will do my best to clearly and consistently preach the message of Christ and His cross to everyone who comes to Grace.

2. In our view of people. Let’s all do our best to see people the way Jesus sees them. He loves them. He knows they need Him and the forgiveness of sins. He knows they need to repent and believe. He calls them to do so. We can look at every person with the same love and concern that Jesus has for them.

3. In our practice of ministry. In all we do at Grace, let’s commit ourselves to take advantage of every opportunity to articulate the gospel and to pray that those who hear will believe.

At Grace, let’s welcome people with the message of grace.

Pastor Scott