Twelve Years and Seven Commitments: Life Together at Grace

Twelve Years and Seven Commitments: Life Together at Grace

Originally posted on January 13, 2005

Along with my wedding anniversary, the third Sunday in January will forever be special to me. On that Sunday twelve years ago, Grace Community Church held her first worship service. As we gather together this Sunday for worship, we have much to be thankful for.

When Beth and I said our marriage vows over twenty years ago, we entered a covenant with each other and with God. Since then, I have made many commitments to Beth that honor our covenant. Some of my commitments are big- sexual faithfulness, emotional support, spiritual leadership, and financial provision. But some commitments are smaller- being on time for dinner or calling to explain why I’ll be late, not making unbudgeted purchases without discussing them with her, and saying “thank you.” All of these commitments strengthen our covenant and help make our life together more fulfilling.

Life together at Grace has been much like a marriage in that we have a covenant with God and with one another. The people who have joined Grace over these twelve years have said that they believe God has led them to connect and contribute to this church. Our covenant has been strengthened by seven very practical commitments.

Seven Commitments of Our Covenant
If you dust off that Membership Covenant and Handbook, you will find these covenant commitments.

1. Faith in the saving grace of God. Calling each other, and others, to faith in Christ and giving attention to our great salvation is the foundation and unity of our church.

2. Regular corporate worship. What could be more basic to church life than gathering together to declare that God is great, good, and gracious?

3. Spiritual growth. Healthy souls through prayerful application of biblical truth bring life to a church.

4. Involvement in a small group with other believers. Here’s where life is shared and hearts are strengthened to press on.

5. The use of our gifts, talents, money, and time for service. Where you contribute any resource you have, there you will find your heart’s connection.

6. Building relationships with unbelievers to share the gospel and to invite them to church. We are the invitation to others to connect with Christ and with His family.

7. Prayer for the work and unity of the church. We know how much we need God’s Spirit to supply the power and to keep us together, so we pray.

Thanksgiving and Commitment Making
Today I am thankful that God led us to make a covenant and to keep our commitments at Grace. I am thankful to have a church. The benefits to my life and my family are too numerous to list in this email. Thank You Lord!

Today I also ask the Spirit’s help to keep these seven covenant commitments, and many other smaller commitments, as a grateful member of Grace Community Church.

Pastor Scott