The Characterizing Culture of Grace

The Characterizing Culture of Grace

Originally posted on October 26, 2005

Over the years, God has built into the culture of our church several defining qualities. As we pack up the final boxes and make the move this week, we’re intent on bringing this church culture with us.

God has given Grace Community Church a pioneering spirit. We have developed a “whatever it takes” and “do with what you have” mentality. We haven’t moved around on horse back or in covered wagons, but moving trucks and temporary signs have been a part of our church from the beginning. Even in a new building that we can call home, there will always be new territory to take. To launch into new areas of ministry will always tax our resources. There will always be the need for the pioneering spirit to run deep within us.

A welcoming spirit has been a characteristic of Grace. Now is the time to extend that spirit to the new people who will come to Grace in the days ahead.

Grace has had a sending, missionary spirit. May we keep our eyes on the world and continually raise up spiritually healthy people who will go with gospel into all places.

We have cultivated a serving spirit as we have ministered to one another and to needy people in Nashville and provided for the practical needs of a mobile church. We plan to keep service high on the values list. In service we find Christ and His joy, for He came to serve.

God has blessed us with a spirit of simplicity. By this we mean that our focus is on the primary things of faith and discipleship. We try not to make things too complicated, but to stay true to the “simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ.” (II Corinthians 11:3).

The Spirit of God builds the spirit of a group. Pray with me that the culture of Grace built by the Spirit will continue to bring glory to God.

Pastor Scott