Overcoming Obstacles By Faith

Overcoming Obstacles By Faith

Originally posted on April 23, 2004

The Old Testament leader Nehemiah shows us what it looks like to face and overcome difficulty by faith.

Nehemiah’s mission was to rebuild the walls around the city of Jerusalem and to strengthen the hearts of the discouraged people in the city. As soon as he started, the powerful leaders of the surrounding areas began to mock him and threaten the workers with harm. Nehemiah’s people were in danger of their enemies and of their own weak faith.

Nehemiah’s account of the situation tells us how to walk by faith.

First, to overcome by faith we must be people of prayer. “But we prayed to our God…” (Nehemiah 4:9) The best way to make sure you pray effectively in times of trouble is to pray often in times of ease.

Second, to overcome by faith we must remember the Lord is great and awesome. “When I saw their fear, I spoke to the people, ‘do not be afraid of them, but remember the Lord who is great and awesome.” (Nehemiah 4:14) Nothing strengthens the heart like a vision of the great God of the Bible who is both able and willing to help His people.

Third, to overcome by faith we must get the good of others on our heart. “…fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your houses.” (Nehemiah 4:14) We are at our best when we are for others.

Fourth, to overcome by faith we must stay alert to the opposition. “Those who were building the wall and those who carried supplies took their load with one hand to do their work and with the other hand they held their weapon… None of us removed our clothes, and we took our weapons even to get water.” (Nehemiah 4:17, 23) We are not called to paranoia, but to watchfulness and awareness of the spiritual battle in which we are engaged. Our weapons are prayer and the Word of God.

Fifth, to overcome by faith we must stay together. “At whatever place you hear the sound of the trumpet, rally to us there. Our God will fight for us.” (Nehemiah 4:20) The trumpeter’s job was to make noise when there was an attack and someone needed help. Life is hard. We have to blow the trumpet when in need and run to the sound of the trumpet when others are in need. God will fight for us, but He loves to do it through us.

Which one of these Nehemiah principles do you need to overcome with today? Do it.

Pastor Scott