Making the Connection

Making the Connection

Originally posted on June 2, 2004

Everyone sometimes has trouble connecting with others. Church people are no different. Life pulls us in many different directions, making it necessary for us to be committed to connecting.

But we must connect. God gave us to each other for many reasons. God made us human. We need human interaction at various levels to be fully human. We need to serve to be human. We need to know we are loved to show love. The Body of Christ, the church, is God’s place for us to connect.

Over the years I have talked with many people who have overcome the problem of disconnection. I admire these people. They have taught me valuable lessons about relationships and fellowship within the church. I have noticed some common traits in these people.

The people who overcome disconnection show great maturity. They may start out feeling very isolated, but in time they take responsibility for their lives and relationships. They get moving toward others. When they do, things change. They also show maturity in the level of expectation they place on others and on relationships in general. They realize that no relationship is perfect and that no one can fully meet their needs.

The people who overcome disconnection make a decision to do so. These people decide to initiate connection. They decide that when they come to church they will be the one who speaks rather than waiting to be spoken to. They decide that Grace is their church and that they can, and will, help make it a place of connection for themselves and others.

The people who overcome disconnection are patient. I have seen people at Grace try out a few different Community Groups and Sunday School classes until they found one they connected with. I have seen others change their normal seating place in worship in an effort to meet new people. One person I know kept inviting people to dinner until friendships were made. This is good because connection takes time.

Over the next few weeks I want to dedicate my Words of Grace e-messages to this theme of connecting. This is not the best forum to deal with the soul issues of disconnection, but I think it works well for presenting some very practical ways to connect. With relationships formed, hopefully and prayerfully soul work can be accomplished.

Pastor Scott