Looking Back With Gratitude

Looking Back With Gratitude

Originally posted on December 30, 2003

“I will tell all my brothers the greatness of Your name, in the presence of the whole congregation I will sing your praise.” Psalm 22:22

Dear Grace Family,

As I reflect back on 2003, I see the faithfulness and goodness of the Lord
toward us. My heart is full and I want to lead you in thanksgiving with me.

Here are ten ways God has shown His favor on Grace Community Church in 2003.

1. He is still with us! He has not left us or forsaken us. He never will. Regardless of circumstances, God is for us.

2. We are still here. He has kept us faithful by the strength of His grace.

3. He has brought people who are searching for Him to our church gatherings. Weekly, I look out over a congregation which includes people yet to call on the Savior. While the heart is burdened for them, it also rejoices that they are hearing the gospel. Keep bringing them.

4. He has sent out missionaries from among us. This year saw the greatest concentration of missionary sending and partnership in the history of Grace. There is a cost to this kind of activity, but God’s favor is behind it all.

5. He has helped marriages and families become stronger in grace and love. Much of this goes unnoticed as people struggle privately to work out their salvation in marriage and family. However, grace is winning out for many. Praise God.

6. He has provided jobs for some and is sustaining others who are still looking for jobs. This has been a tough financial year for many in our church. What a humbling and wonderful thing to watch these families live by faith and not grow bitter in trial.

7. He has provided finances for ministry. Once again God has met the needs of Grace for both the operating budget and for missions. Thank God and thank you for your sacrificial giving.

8. He has blessed us with new babies, brought many of our children to saving faith, and has kept our teenagers strong in faith.

9. He has healed many who have suffered pain and illness and is sustaining others with peace and joy while they suffer.

10. He has granted us faith to look into the future with hope and anticipation that His goodness will endure and His mercy will follow us all the days of our lives.

Give thanks to the Lord with me. Go, take up a pen and paper, and write
down ten evidences of God’s goodness to you in 2003. Then, get up in faith that in 2004, He will continue the good work He has started in you.

Pastor Scott