Growth is Not an Option

Growth is Not an Option

Originally posted on February 27, 2003

“Growth in not an option.” When I heard those words from a conference speaker a few years ago, I knew he had spoken one of the most important sentences I would ever hear. It’s true, growth is not an option because the alternatives are so unattractive. Imagine an investment never yielding a return, a plant never sprouting, or a person never maturing. We expect growth, and for good reason.

How about you spiritual life? Do you expect growth in your relationship with Jesus Christ? Are you pursuing spiritual maturity, greater wisdom, and a deeper character? This is the kind of growth that has benefit both in this life and in the life to come (I Timothy 4:8).

At Grace Community Church, we value spiritual growth, also called discipleship. We believe that people grow best when in relationship with other people. To that end, we offer Community Groups each Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Some of these groups meet in homes, some meet at the building we use for church events. These groups are designed to help you hear the Word of God, discuss it with others, pray for the concerns of life, and leave with the strength to be obedient followers of Christ in the world.

If you are not a part of a growth group, we invite you to begin a new spiritual journey by attending one of our Community Groups. You will find the information you need to know about these groups on this web site and in the worship bulletin on Sunday. You can also contact the church office.

Hope to see you soon.
Scott Patty, Pastor