God’s Glory: Our Chief End

God’s Glory: Our Chief End

Originally posted on October 20, 2005

For nine days, my Words of Grace are devoted to sharing nine things to remember as we make the move into the new building. Here’s number two.

We must remember our chief end: to keep God’s glory as our ultimate and practical goal.

To glorify God is to live, speak, decide, act, love, and desire in such a way that God is made known as the great God He is and for what He has done for us in Christ Jesus.

To have God’s glory as our ultimate goal is to live by the foundational principle that bringing glory to Him is our purpose in life, and that we will give ourselves to ensure that this purpose is accomplished.

To have God’s glory as our practical goal is to make decisions, say words, spend money, and do deeds after we have asked, “Does this, will this, bring glory to God?”

Lofty ambitions I know, but this is exactly what the Bible tells us to do. “In your eating and drinking, and whatever else you do, do it to bring glory to God.” I Corinthians 10:31

Let’s bring the ultimate and practical goal of giving glory to God as a church with us to the new location. Pray with me toward that end.

Pastor Scott