Getting Ready to Move

Getting Ready to Move

Originally posted on October 19, 2005

Counting Down
We are in the final days of preparation before we move into our new building. As you can imagine, the intensity level is high. Around the office it is all hands on deck. Many Grace people are showing up day and night to work on the portions of the project that we are re-modeling. The various companies are completing the new building, parking lot, sound system, and many other final phases.

Praying Hard
Did I mention it is intense around here? Please pray for us. We really desire to accomplish the work in a manner that reflects the grace and glory of God. Pray against weariness, agitation, forgetfulness, and strained relationships. Pray for joy, energy, efficiency, and unity.

Reminding Ourselves
On Sundays we are in a message series called “Things To Remember,” reminding ourselves of nine important things that we do not want to lose in the move. If you’ve ever moved from one house to another, you know how easy it is to forget where you packed valuables or simply drive away without having them on the moving truck. We want to make sure we bring the valuables of the Grace family with us as we make the move to a new location.

Beginning today, and each day until we move, I plan to share one valuable thing to remember in these Words of Grace e-messages. Turn these “things to remember” into prayers the next nine days.

Thing to Remember #1: We have an identity- we are the church.
First and foremost, Grace Community Church is a church! Church is both who we are and what we do.

As the church, we are the people of God, redeemed by His grace, united with His Son, filled with His Spirit, and called to represent Him in the world.

As the church, we gather together to worship God, preach and teach the Bible, make disciples of people, and fellowship and serve in love. From the fullness of Christ in us, we go into the world with grace and mercy to call others to trust in and follow Him.

Church is who we are and what we do. What would it be like if we forget this? Think of all the people who will miss the gospel if churches forget to be churches and instead try to be something else. They may show up to our building, but miss Jesus because we have missed the point of being the church.

Pray with me that as we move we’ll remember our identity (who we are) and our calling (what we are to do). There is power in this kind of focus.

Pastor Scott