Communion With God: Gathering Up and Launching Out

Communion With God: Gathering Up and Launching Out

Originally posted on September 16, 2004

What comes after a time of communion with God in prayer and the Bible? Life!

On a rainy morning like today, in a quiet house and in a good prayer and reading mood, I feel like I could stay all day. But I know better. There are appointments and tasks ahead that are important. People are depending on me and I have work to do. So, I must get up and do life.

But what of my communion with God? Is it over? Was it just a brief journey into unreality that has no connection to the life I now have to live?

No, communion with God is the place from which I Launch into life. The connection is vital. Communion with God in Spirit and in truth continues into my day as I keep God’s word close in my mind and call upon Him at regular intervals.

I think of it as Gathering Up and Launching Out. I’ve read, prayed, worshipped, and known the joy of surrender to the Lordship of Christ. Now, I look ahead. I think about the people I will see and the work I will do. I think through the tough conversations I may have and the challenges I will face (knowing well that some challenges will come to me that I am not expecting). I look at my DayTimer to make sure I am not late for a meeting. In my mind, I Gather Up this information and ask the Lord for all the resources needed to do everything He has called to me do.

Then I Launch Out. I trust that my Father is with me, and that He will give me the good things I need to do good, and I go. The next move may be driving a child to school, counseling with someone over coffee, leading a meeting, or preparing for a sermon. Whatever it is, I go do it.

I encourage you to practice Gathering Up and Launching Out in your daily communion with God. Bring the real demands and challenges of your day before Him in prayer. It all matters to Him, so talk to Him about it all. This is Gathering Up. Then Launch Out. Go in the strength that He provides and live life. Do good and excellent work, show mercy, love people, keep your commitments. In it all, stay in communion with God.

I will close this Words of Grace series on Communion with God with a quote I read this morning from My Utmost for His Highest, by Oswald Chambers. “Prayer is not simply getting things from God, that is a most initial form of prayer; prayer is getting into perfect communion with God.” I thought this quote captured the essence of what I have tried to communicate. We are called to communion with God.

Pastor Scott