Biblical Truth is Always Relevant: Our Doctrine

Biblical Truth is Always Relevant: Our Doctrine

Originally posted on October 25, 2005

When I say that we can’t forget our doctrine and theology when we move to our new location, I mean we can’t forget that we have a doctrine and we must remember what it is.

The biggest reason churches stop talking about what the Bible teaches and what they believe is because the leaders of the church don’t think doctrine is relevant. Leaders want to reach people and people want to be told what to do to make their lives better. So the leaders and the people conspire together to talk about things they consider more relevant, interesting, and helpful than the doctrine of the Bible.

The problem is that at the end of life it won’t matter if our lives were better, if by better we mean easier and trouble free. The only thing relevant to the end of our lives on this earth is that we knew, loved, and faithfully followed Jesus Christ. And to do that, we must have the truth of the Bible in our minds and hearts resulting in actions that conform to its teaching.

The Bible is always relevant because it is the most accurate portrayal of reality we will ever read. We know God, ourselves, and how to live in this world best by reading the Bible. Though written thousands of years ago, the Bible’s portrayal of human nature is still true; we are sinners in need of grace. The Bible’s message of forgiveness in Christ is still our hope. And the instructions the Bible gives about how to live by God’s commands still work in a high-tech, post-modern world.

At Grace, we seek to have a doctrine- and stated summary of truth- that has the Bible as its source and the transformation of people as its aim.

Let’s conspire together to keep biblical truth front and center.

Pastor Scott