A Whole New Way to Live

A Whole New Way to Live

Originally posted on March 11, 2005

“…those who become Christians become new persons. They are not the same anymore, for the old life is gone. A new life has begun.” II Corinthians 5:17 (NLT)

In this Words of Grace series on truth shaped living, our aim has been nothing less than the discovery of a new worldview. We have sought to develop an entire philosophy of life; a life shaped by the truth about God.

How We Shape Our Lives By The Truth About God
We have developed a new worldview by looking at four truths about God and then at how each truth shows us how to live.

1. God is the Creator of all things; therefore we make the God-connection in all things in all of life.

2. God is the Provider of all things; therefore we view all our work, relationships, and endeavors in life as a way of joining God in His provision of good for our lives and for others.

3. God is the Redeemer of people by grace through faith; therefore we become servants of God and people in the cause of salvation.

4. God is the Consummator of all things; therefore we live engaged and involved in the world with purpose, hope, perseverance, and eager expectation of the return of Christ.

Why A Life Shaped By Truth?
Relevance. The relevance of Christianity is in its ability to shape our lives. Christianity is credible because it gives meaning to all of life and shows us our place in life. If Christianity doesn’t tell us why we are here and how what we do in this world makes sense, why bother with it. Christian truth is a complete worldview, a life shaping philosophy, a new way to live.

Glory. This new way to live reflects the glory of God because its starting point is God and it builds on the good works of God in His world.

Need. This new way to live is what the world needs from Christians. People need to experience the blessings of Christian lives well lived and the witness of the gospel from Christians living well.

Joy. This new way to live is the way to joy. Jesus said that He gave us this truth so that His joy may be full in us (John 17:13). Being what we were made to be and doing what we were made to do brings joy to hearts now while we wait for the fullness of joy in eternity.

The greatest challenge we face as a church and as individual Christians in our culture is to keep our thinking and living shaped by the truth of God. Pray and press on with me to live out a truly biblical, Christian worldview to the glory of God.

Pastor Scott